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Solar panels are a logical extension of your roofing system.  In most cases it is ideal to install a new roofing system at the time you are considering solar power installation unless the roof is very new.  While solar panels help protect the roof somewhat from the elements, the reality is that of the roofing breaks down after solar is installed, the removal and reinstallation of the solar panels becomes an expensive proposition.  When looking into home solar power, many people are dismayed by the costs. However, these prices need not be so discouraging. After the initial fees, a large amount of power can be saved in the long run. And many financial incentives exist for both homeowners and commercial building owners alike




Home solar power will allow you to free yourself from utility companies and the instability of global energy markets. As your own energy provider, you are able to lock in power at a fraction of the cost you would be paying an electric company. As utility rates increase in the future, this difference will increase, leading to even more savings over the life of a solar energy system. In addition to this, many states have funded solar rebate programs or tax credits. Also, if more electricity is produced than needed, it can often be sold back to the utility company. This means that it is actually possible to make money by setting up a home solar power system. Not only do states have particular incentives, there are also federal options to help finance a residential solar power system. These incentives may apply in particular to solar power, or deal more generally with renewable energy or energy efficiency.Financial incentives include such things as tax credits, deductions, and exemptions. They also include loans, bonds, grants, and, of course, rebates. As stated, these may operate at a federal or state level. There are also benefits which particular utility companies may offer.Certain incentives apply only to commercial, industrial, or nonprofit (in other words, non-residential) buildings. So when searching for useful home solar power deals, double check that anything which catches your interest is available for residential properties specifically.  Net metering is the term for the electricity policy under which someone using renewable energy can receive retail credit for the energy they generate. In some instances, this credit will only apply to a portion of what is generated. Altitude Construction partners with reputable solar companies.  We provide installation services for these alternative power providers.


Altitude Construction Inc is one of a select few contractors who can install DOW Powerhouse Solar Shingles.

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