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Your roof is your homes primary defense against the outside elements. Altitude Construction Inc partners with many insurance agencies to offer the best quality roofing materials and installations in the state. Ask us how we can save you money on your insurance premiums while still giving you a myriad of choices. Altitude Construction Inc, whether you need a red cedar shingle roof, asphalt shingle, metal roof, or commercial flat roof, are the professionals! Don't be fooled by low cost bids from uninsured, unqualified, undocumented roofing “companies”. You need to have your work done by a highly-skilled, licensed roofing contractor. Colorado gets some pretty nasty weather. We are experts when it comes to snow, ice, wind, rain and hail. We even offer emergency repairs!


Altitude Construction Inc Offers

 All necessary and applicable licenses required in Colorado to perform roofing work

 Commercial level insurance for your protection

 A long proven reputation for providing quality roofing installations throughout the state.

 Ongoing professional training to ensure quality installation and safety


Asphalt roofing is readily available, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Because asphalt roofing is durable and requires little or no maintenance, it goes on saving you money throughout the life of your roof. In addition, roofs adorned with beautiful asphalt architectural shingles tend to raise the overall value of the home. The same applies to low-slope facilities where durability plus low maintenance costs result in enormous cost savings. Until recent times, low-slope roofing wasn't traditionally considered an area of "beauty." However, with the introduction of new attractive light-colored granules and materials, low-slope roofing is looking better than ever! Particularly in locations where commercial roofs are likely to be visible, we are now seeing the advent of stylish-looking commercial roofs. Asphalt roofs are designed to require low maintenance (and easy repairs) for decades. Properly installed, your asphalt roof will be extremely resistant to wind tear-off, uplift, moisture damage, and practically any other hazard Mother Nature can hurl at it. High durability combined with high performance equals... low maintenance. And low maintenance means peace of mind. Not to mention huge cost savings over the life of your roof. Because asphalt roofing has a long life-cycle, you're getting very good value for your roofing investment. Asphalt steep-slope roofing products are designed for safe, speedy and hassle-free installation all year round. Weighing less than rival products such as tile, wood, and metal, asphalt is able to be installed in almost any application.  Asphalt roofing products are designed to endure harsh weather conditions, in harsh climates, all year round, no matter where you live.




Metal roofing is a high quality product that works great in all climates. Metal roofing lasts a very long time and has superior insulating properties to conventional roofing products which combine to make residential and commercial roofing highly affordable and an excellent value. The crisp, clean appearance of metal roofing, along with it's unrivaled ability to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and longevity, make it an excellent roofing material for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Ease of installation, simplistic beauty, durability and affordable price are all great reasons to utilize metal roofing over conventional materials. Choose from a wide selection of colors, weights, profiles and thicknesses, some of which have the energy star seal of approval.




Wood shingles, made from red cedar, are another good roofing choice. Wood shingles are machine sawn and then 

sorted by grade. They are very distinctive looking and will weather to a mellow color. Cedar is the natural roof that so many artificial roofing materials try to imitate. It has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, minimal expansion and contraction from changes in moisture content or temperature, is highly impermeable to liquids, and keeps its beauty and protective abilities with very little maintenance. Altitude Construction Inc has highly skilled craftsmen who know the proper application of wood shingle roofs as well as their maintenance. While cedar shake roofing is a high quality choice, in Colorado’s climate, without proper maintenance, they age prematurely and will lose all of the qualities that make them a great roofing choice. Cedar has proven itself in extraordinary weather situations, including heavy snow and hail storms. Cedar shakes are surprisingly resistant to hail damage. Even hail depressions will recover without affecting the service life of the roof, thanks to the wood fibers' natural resiliency. Cedar roofing is also resistant to heavy winds. Cedar roofs have withstood wind tests in excess of 130 miles per hour without damage. Some local building codes limit the use of wood shingles and shakes because of concerns about fire resistance and some jurisdictions have a full ban on them. Most wood shakes only have Class C fire ratings or no ratings at all. This will cost you more money in insurance premiums. Wood shingles are becoming increasingly rare in Colorado and unless properly maintained, they become a hazard to your property and should be removed and replaced.


Altitude Construction Inc can give you all the information you need regarding tile roofing. In addition to its unmatched aesthetics, tile is one of the best overall roof systems that you can install. There are many ways other contractors can (and often do) skimp on tile roof installations. We only use installation methods approved by the Tile Roofing Institute of America and specifically for the Rocky Mountain region. One major consideration that must be taken into account before the installation of a tile roofing system, is the structures ability to withstand the weight. Tile roofing can often be 4 to 5 times heavier than other systems and so much so that a structure may require re-engineering. Altitude Construction Inc can assist you with all facets of tile roofing. For Colorado’s climate, tile is one of the best choices in roof systems, and although a thorough inspection is needed to determine if a building can support the weight of tile, over 90% of homes we have had inspected, were capable of having tile roof systems installed with no additional work needed.



At Altitude Construction Inc, it is our opinion, that as far as overall performance is concerned, stone-coated steel roofing is hands down the best choice. The performance figures are staggering and are at the very least, as good as any other product on the market. Stone-coated steel roofing offers the highest fire rating, the highest wind-load rating, the highest impact-resistance rating, all while being one of the lightest options and one of the best looking as well. Stone-coated steel is becoming more popular, but there are still only a handful of installers in the state that are competent at installing it. Altitude Construction Inc is certified in installations for all of the major manufactures of stone-coated steel roofing products.






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