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Building with masonry is a timeless art form that goes back millennia. Egyptian pyramids, Roman aqueducts, Greek coliseums, many of which are still standing today! Masonry has always been the choice for enduring, natural beauty.  Altitude Construction Inc chooses to use masonry practices due to the fact that they are environmentally responsible, great value for money, and serve our local climate very well. Building with masonry offers a number of benefits for the homeowner including protection, low maintenance living, energy savings, aesthetics and value.   Altitude Construction has a proud tradition of being able to provide the most up to date options in masonry construction and facing products. Some of which are offered nowhere else in the country!




Here are some of the benefits of Masonry Exteriors:

Fire Resistant - Non-combustible materials 

Weather Resistant - Exterior Walls that will hold up to heavy storms, U.V. degradation, blistering heat, and sub-zero temperatures. 

Termite Resistant - Exterior walls made of masonry means there's no wood to eat! 

Protection from Rotting, Mold & Fungus - With no exterior wood on the walls, there is nothing to rot and masonry plays a large role in significantly reducing or eliminating the build-up of fungus and mildew between interior and exterior walls. Such problems have been known to contribute to health aliments including chronic fatigue, asthma and throat infections. Clearly, masonry homes are healthier for its inhabitants. Masonry homes are  allergy resistant as well. Finally, with fully masonry walls, we can build walls that actually “breathe”, something no other product in the world offers!

Superior Sound Proofing - Masonry blocks out noise better than traditional building materials, resulting in a quieter home environment.  

Virtually Maintenance Free - When used in its natural form, masonry provides lasting beauty that requires considerably less maintenance than other building materials. 

Lower Utility Bills - Concrete block, combined with 'thermal mass' insulation systems, stores more energy, meaning it stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing electric consumption, therefore lower utility bills. 

Lower Insurance Premiums - Because masonry provides higher levels of security, fire and termite protection, and does a better job of weathering the storm, many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner's policies. 

Environmentally-Friendly "Green" Products - Masonry products play a large role in  ecologically responsible building methods and is recognized by government programs as  a contributor to green building status. 

Increased Resale Appeal - There's a widely-held opinion, supported by studies, that  masonry homes offer a greater resale value than other forms of construction. Key reasons  are the fact that masonry homes are viewed as high quality, low maintenance homes. 

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