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House Exterior Painting

Painting is all about preparation. Home painting is more challenging than it looks.  There are the height issues, material choices, safety and protection concerns not to mention the liability.  Painting the exterior of you home is generally not for the Saturday afternoon craftsman. Painting however, is a great way to boost a homes appeal, as well as keep it in proper maintenance. 




Exterior Home Painting

Altitude Construction Inc knows that preparation is key to a great paint job.  More often that not we find rotting wood, cracks in siding, old peeling paint, and other problems with the homes exterior which require attention when we prepare to paint. It is important to address these issues so they do not negatively affect the results years later.  Scraping, washing and priming surfaces prevents peeling and insures good coverage. We offer a wide variety of paint and coating options to suit both the look considerations you have as well as to address longevity and durability concerns.

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